The holiday is just around the corner yet you are still at a loss of what to do. There are just so many things you must handle in order to ensure the holiday is going on smoothly and without an issue whatsoever, from cooking the big dinner for you and your family members, baking sweets and other treats for holiday snacking, cleaning and decorating the entire house to boost the festivities, and many other things. It is easy for you to forget other small details with the level of work you must handle – more often than not, people completely not realize they have forgotten these small things until it is too late. One of the things that is often forgotten is the greeting cards. What is Christmas without wishing your loving friends and supportive colleagues a happy holiday? When you are reminded of this tiny yet important detail, the option that may cross your mind is purchasing one of those commercial cards – despite knowing it lacks of personal touch. But what can you do when you don’t have the time to tinker with other work now that you have things to bake and meals to cook? Luckily, nowadays there is postcard online.

Postcard online is an application that can be used to create as well as send a customized postcard. It does not matter if you have no degree in design, because it has all the features needed for you to create your own postcard. You can even use your pictures and turn it into a postcard or a greeting card, and then add your own personalized touch on it, such as a personal note. And the best of all? All of this flexibility and impressive features make it possible for you to create using your own handheld device. Done creating? Your postcards can be sent directly from the application.

 Turn Your Photos into Postcard in a Single Click

It sounds like so old fashioned but sending postcard is still a fun and very interesting thing to do. When we are traveling to a nice place, we can buy postcards there and send it to families and friends as souvenir. Sending postcard is also a great way to send greeting for people we know.

It is true that in this digital era, people tend to use emails or even chat messages to send greetings. But still, it can truly replace the joy of received physical printed postcard or greeting card. We need to maintain this tradition to keep the personal touch in social relationship. But it doesn’t mean we can’t make it relevant with the modern world we’re living and its digital technology. Meet MyPostcard App, a smartphone app designed to easily generate custom or personalized postcard or greeting card. Using this app you can use your photos or art works to create greeting card online. Isn’t it really exciting that you can have a postcard or greeting with your own photos? There’s no more personal greeting card than that!

Using MyPostcard App, you can create custom card within few seconds. The app has easy to use interface allowing you to upload selected photos and makes customization including editing and adding text easily. Even without any graphic design skill, you can create professional quality custom greeting card using this app. Once the design is ready, submit it and MyPostcard will print the card with excellent quality. You can even opt that the printed card delivered directly to the one you are sending the card. It’s that easy and simple. Now everywhere you go, you can take photos as memento and share it to loved ones by creating greeting cards and send it to them. With MyPostcard, old fashioned post card becomes trendy and relevant again.

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